Travel Nasal Filter

The nasal filter material is electro-statically charged. Through Laboratory tests, the Nasal Medical filter has proven to block 98% of particle matter above 2.5 microns in size getting in through the nose. Theses airborne allergens (particle matter) include dust and other airborne contaminates. Using anatomic design, Nasal Medical has taken patient anatomy to create a device that will adjust to fit the user’s nose size comfortably and discreetly. Helping you fly with peace of mind.

How to use:

Step 1

Grip snoring aid by the bridge section.

Step 2

With your fingertip, gently push front arm into tip of nostril.

Step 3

With your fingertip, gently push back arm into rear of nostril.

Step 4

Use your forefingers to adjust snoring aid until fully installed and comfortable.


Many people experience some type of sickness (cold/bug) days after coming off a flight. With air being recirculated during travel time, and germs being circulated throughout the plane it’s a near miracle if you step off a plane without having picked something up. People are looking for solutions to prevent this happening,while using something that is both comfortable and discreet.


Travel Nasal Filter. This device is a discreet personal filter that helps protect you from irritating airborne germs distributed within recirculated air on flights.This filter helps prevent polluted air before they enter your nasal system. This nasal Filter has been anatomically engineered to fit discreetly and comfortably just inside the nose to help keep you healthy while travelling.

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