5 Facts about the Human Nose


Our nose is something that we’re all born with, but do we really understand just how important our noses are?

Here are 5 facts about the human nose:


  1. Your nose humidifies the air you breathe. If you breathe through your mouth for a long time do you ever notice that your throat gets very dry? Well, this happens because your nose processes the air you breathe to prepare it for our lungs & throat, which do not take dry air very well. As inhaled air is passed through the nose, it is moisturized and humidified.
  2. The nose plays a very important role in breathing. There is a reflex that connects the nose to the lungs, called the nasal-pulmonary reflex. As the nose closes up, the lungs become more closed, and as the nose opens up, the lungs open up. (Hence why it is so important to breathe correctly during exercise). This is why we developed our Sports Aid, which will be launching next year, to help athletes and people partaking in exercise breathe more efficiently to maximize performance.
  3. Your nose regulates the temperature of the air you breathe. Furthermore, just like our lungs don’t like dry air, they also don’t like air that is too hot or cold. The passing of the air through the nose allows the air to become more like body temperature, which is much better tolerated by tissues.
  4. Different people have different sneezing styles & these styles are genetically determined. This means that members of a given family will have similar sneezing styles!
  5. Lastly, when sneezing irritants or particles which cause sneezing, are expelled at 100 miles per hour. Did you know our Allergy Filter blocks pollen, dust, pet dander and mould from entering the nose?


So, can you see how important it is to keep your nose healthy and congestion free? We love everything about noses here in Nasal Medical, and that’s why we created products to help people breathe more comfortably through their noses. Our Discreet Snoring Aid will help with snoring bed partners, but did you know that it also helps with nasal congestion? It works by opening up the airways and allowing more air to pass through the nose. Try it- you’ll be amazed!

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