Frequently Asked Questions

What is a nasal filter?

A Nasal filter is an electrostatically-charged air filter designed to fit inside the human nostrils to prevent the nasal inhalation of allergens, pollutants and irritants such as dust, smoke, and foul odours.

What is a nasal dilator?

It is a nasal breathing aid that provides instant relief for congestion and snoring caused by nasal constriction (deviated septum, cold or flu). This snoring aid and sports aid have been anatomically engineered to fit discreetly and comfortably just inside the nose to gently open nasal passages and increase airflow for comfortable breathing.

Are the devices available in different sizes?

Yes the devices come in 3 different sizes to accommodate different nose sizes. Small, Medium and Large. Please see sizing measurements on website and on display units which will guide you on deciding which size to choose.

How comfortable are your products?

Our products are made from a soft medical grade polymer, making them very comfortable to wear. Our breakthrough, innovate design lets the aid conform to the shape of your nostrils. Just like wearing a contact lens or a watch, you won’t notice you are using it.

Can I reuse the products?

Yes! You can use each device up to 4 times. However, make sure to clean the device thoroughly with warm water between each use. Do not use for more than 12 hours in a 24-hour period.

Do not use the device if damaged in any way. Discontinue use and replace if breakage occurs.

How do I wash the devices?

Clean the device thoroughly with warm water, dry and store at room temperature.

If the device is removed from the packaging and not used immediately, rinse device before use.

Do I need a prescription to buy the products?

No, the products are available off-the shelf, without the need of a prescription.

Are these products safe to use?

This product is a class 1 medical device and is CE marked according to the standards.

As with all intra-nasal devices, there are inherent risk factors associated with using them. You should proceed with extreme caution while using this product and regularly examine it before and after each use for any defects that may present a potential health hazard.

Discontinue use if you have skin or mucosal irritation.

Would my doctor recommend these products?

If you are worried about using this product,consult with your physician before using, especially if you have had surgery or a medical condition relating to the nose, sleep apnea, asthma, serious respiratory or heart problems. Seek medical attention for abnormal breathing patterns during sleep, daytime sleepiness or difficulty breathing.

Can my kids use the products?

These products are not suitable for use by children under the age of 12. Keep out of reach of children.

Can I buy your products in stores?

Yes our Discreet Snoring Aid and Allergy Nasal Filter is available in pharmacies nationwide and online.

Can I return the products?

See our return policy for more information

Where are you based?

Our products are designed in Ireland and manufactured in Malaysia. Our offices are located in 34-35 Block A, Dunboyne Business Park, Dunboyne, County Meath. Find us on twitter @nasalmedical or Facebook.com/nasalmedical & Instagram @nasalmedical

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