Good morning everyone & Happy Friday!

I’m back from New York after an incredible few days, and it was beyond everything I had ever imagined! I wanted to update you on my Allergy Filter trial, as we had quite a lot of messages wondering how I go on.
I want to mention also that we are bringing out a specific Travel Filter in the coming months that will be even more effective for helping to prevent colds and sickness while traveling, so stay tuned for updates! We’ll be sure to review that once it comes out also.
Before I give my review, it’s important to explain how bad my allergies are when I travel. 

Background to my allergies…

For as long as I can remember whether it’s a long journey on a bus/train or plane, as soon as the heating or air con is turned on my eyes begin to water and my allergies go in to overdrive. This results in me sneezing throughout the entire journey,and for the first few days of the holiday. It leaves me feeling completely exhausted and very irritable. Rushing to get ready I more often than not forget to take my allergy medicine, so I decided to try something different this time.
Having used the Allergy Filters for my allergies in summer months or when cleaning, I knew they worked for me, but I had never tried them while travelling. As the flight to NYC is long, and our trip was quite short I was determined to not let my allergies ruin our few days!

On the plane…

In the queue to board I had my box of allergy filters in my hand, and placed one inside my nose as soon as I sat in my seat – I was taking no chances! I use the size small, which fits me perfectly, and feels the most comfortable whilst wearing. It wasn’t my first time using the filter, so I knew how to insert it, and made sure to move it around until it sit comfortably. I should also mention that I didn’t feel self-conscious wearing it, people wear face masks on flights and no one takes any heed, also it looks so discreet inside the nose, you can barely see it! Here’s a picture of me just before take off at about 3.30 pm (note the fresh face!):


Halfway through…



When I reached the halfway through mark of the flight I couldn’t believe that I had no allergy symptoms, no watery eyes, and not one sneeze! My partner is used to me being a sneezing mess every time we travel and he couldn’t believe how well the filter was working. At this point I had the filter in for just under 4 hours, and while I was starting to look and feel quite tired, my allergies were kept at bay. In terms of comfort level I had forgotten that I was wearing the filter, I was able to sleep, eat and talk comfortably, only needing to readjust the filter a couple of times after eating or talking. (Note that my watch says 12 O’Clock – it wasn’t 12, it was about 7.15pm, my battery is gone!)


On the bus to Manhattan…



I decided to keep the filter in for our bus journey also, it had worked for the entire flight I didn’t want to risk sneezing now! I took the below picture at about 1.30am Irish Time (6.30pm NYC), this was after we got off the plane, got baggage, queued for bus, etc. I look VERY tired here, and was just about staying awake, but still no allergies; I honestly couldn’t believe it. As I mentioned, I had worn the filter before, and it did work, but this was the biggest test for me: a lengthy plane journey and a bus ride for almost 2 hours with lots of air-con. I kept the filter in the entire bus journey, and only took it out when we reached the hotel and got ready for the night. I had the filter in for a total of just under 12 hours, (which is the max time we recommend users to wear it consecutively), and I only started to feel it towards the end, but this can also be put down to tiredness!


To sum up…

I am never stepping on a plane without the filter again! Almost every holiday we have been on I have spent the first couple of days completely drowsy from my allergies, and unable to wear any makeup, so, for me, to not sneeze once in 12 hours of traveling was honestly a miracle! It was also nice to not rely on medication, as even the non-drowsy types can make me feel drowsy when traveling. If you suffer from allergies, especially when traveling, or you want to prevent sickness while flying, I would definitely recommend these. I know I’m biased, but I took this trial on without knowing what way it would pan out, and wanted to be completely honest with my results.

This is a game-changer for me! Also- isn’t it so discreet in pictures?

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me on [email protected], or to buy the filters and try for yourself click HERE:

Until next time, here’s a couple of pictures from our trip!