Hello everyone, and Happy National Allergy Week!

With an estimated 20% people suffering from hay fever in Ireland it is an ideal time to highlight what help is on hand for sufferers.  Normally associated with summer, the hay fever season can begin in early Spring and continue until late Autumn and can have a huge impact on the lives of those with an intolerance to tree and grass pollen.

Nasal Medical Allergy Filter is a drug free allergy prevention solution that prevents allergens and polluted air entering the nasal system and help sufferers enjoy the outdoors without enduring the debilitating symptoms of hay fever.  The filter was developed by Martin O’Connell when the cattle on his family farm were wiped out by tuberculosis. He wanted to prevent this happening again and came up with the idea to use a filter for cows to block bacteria from reaching their lungs. From there, it developed into a solution for hay fever sufferers.

While there is no cure for hay fever, sufferers can manage their symptoms. There are several tips to remember which can help in the management of hay fever such as:

-Using a Nasal Medical Allergy Filter

-Wearing wraparound sunglasses
– Bathing or showering after being outdoors
– Closing windows early morning and late at night
– Not hanging laundry out to dry
– Using a HEPA filter

Nasal Medical Allergy Filter is a discreet personal filter, anatomically engineered to fit discreetly and comfortably just inside the nose.  Dr Paul Carson, a well-known allergy doctor and founder of Allergy Ireland in the Slievemore Clinic Dublin has conducted clinical trials of the allergy filter. “We have found that the Nasal Medical Allergy Filter is a simple but effective way of preventing allergens entering the nasal system, therefore reducing the symptoms associated with hay fever.”

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