Hello everyone, we were having a chat in the office last week about snoring (as we do most days!) and how awful it is for the partner of a snorer. Sleepless nights, sometimes separate rooms, and a LOT of nudges in the back are just some of the things that snoring-partners deal with on a nightly basis.

But, call us crazy, we can’t help but feel *a little* bad for snorers, (only the snorers who feel guilty for the hell that they put their partners through of course)! So, we decided to write a post on tips to love your snorer, (bear with us).


  1. Stop their snoring, or reduce it enough so you won’t hear it with our Discreet Snoring Aid. We know that we’re a little biased, but our customers don’t lie, and neither do our product trials which showed that our snoring aid greatly reduced snoring in 9/10 people. In each pack there’s a month supply for €14.95- yes, 30 nights of peace. Pick it up here: CLICK FOR SILENCE.
  2. Go to bed before they do so you’re in a deep sleep. Easier said than done,we know, but if you get a head start,you’ll be less likely to wake as easy, or at least have some sleep to make up for snore-alarm clock in the middle of the night.
  3. Make some relaxing tea, this is for you, to help prevent outbursts, (see point 4).
  4. Put the pillow down, and count to ten.
  5. Make sure they’re sleeping on their side, they’re less likely to snore when not lying on their back.


Do you have any tips you think we missed? Let us know in the comments!