Snoring is something that affects approximately 40% of men over the age of 30, meaning it is also affecting partners of those who snore! Our Discreet Snoring Aid is our best-selling product, and we have heard countless stories from our customers in the past few months, all asking the same question time and time again- why do we/they snore? Before we look to helping treat snoring, this is a question that needs to be answered. Read onto find out….

When we’re asleep the muscles in our neck relaxes. Sometimes they relax so much that airway of our nose & throat partially closes and becomes too narrow for enough air to travel through our lungs. This narrowing of the airway causes the throat to vibrate, resulting in the sound of snoring, (it is at this stage that your partner is awake and using all of their willpower to not cover your face with a pillow).
It doesn’t end there though. If you snore, do you ever get a great night’s sleep? What if we told you the two are connected? Snoring isn’t just something disturbing your partner’s sleep; it’s also disturbing your sleep. By snoring, your body is not getting the right amount of oxygen needed to perform important functions. It’s also likely that you’re waking up throughout the night without even releasing, resulting in you waking the following morning feeling less than refreshed, and with little energy.
So, how can this be helped? Well, we go back to the original problem of the airways narrowing, and by using something to open up the airways, it can help prevent snoring. Our Discreet Snoring Aid is an easy-to-use. drug-free and comfortable nasal device which gently opens the nose to help increase airflow. We have done numerous tests and clinical trials over the past year all backing up its effectiveness in 9 out of 10 people.
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