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5 Interesting Facts About Your Nose

5 Interesting Facts About Your Nose

5 Facts about the Human Nose


It’s something that we’re all born with, but do we really understand just how important our noses are? Here are 5 facts about the human nose:


  • Your nose humidifies the air you breathe. If you breathe through your mouth for a long time do you ever notice that your throat gets very dry? Well, this happens because your nose processes the air you breathe to prepare it for our lungs & throat, which do not take dry air very well. As inhaled air is passed through the nose, it is moisturised and humidified.


  • The nose plays a very important role in breathing. There is a reflex that connects the nose to the lungs, called the nasal-pulmonary reflex. As the nose closes up, the lungs become more closed, and as the nose opens up, the lungs open up. (Hence why it is so important to breathe correctly during exercise). This is why we developed our Sports Enhancement Aid (pre-order here), to help athletes and people partaking in exercise breathe more efficiently to maximise performance.



  • Your nose regulates the temperature of the air you breathe. Just like our lungs don’t like dry air, they also don’t like air that is too hot or cold. The passing of the air through the nose allows the air to become more like body temperature, which is much better tolerated by tissues.


  • Different people have different sneezing styles & these styles are genetically determined. This means that members of a given family will have similar sneezing styles!



  • During sneezing irritants (that cause sneezing) are expelled at 100 miles per hour. Did you know our Allergy Filter blocks up to 98% of allergens going inside the nose?


So, can you see how important it is to keep your nose healthy and congestion free? We love everything about noses here in Nasal Medical, and that’s why we created products to help people breathe more comfortably through their noses. Our Discreet Snoring Aid will help with snoring bed partners, but did you know that it also helps with nasal congestion? It works by opening up the airways and allowing more air to pass through the nose. Try it- you’ll be amazed!

You shop can our entire range HERE!


6 Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep

6 Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep

We’ve all been there, tossing and turning, mentally counting the hours until your alarm will go off to start the day. There is nothing worse than not being able to sleep, whether it’s down to stress, caffeine, or your partner snoring!

We all got together in our office today and came up with our top tips a great night’s sleep, based on what works for us.

  1. No caffeine after 5pm– this is one we try to live by every day- some days it’s hard! Caffeine won’t affect everyone the same way, but for the majority of people it will affect your ability to switch off if you drink it late in the day.

  1. Chamomile tea– If you need a hot drink before bed stay away from caffeine rich tea & coffee, and opt for a relaxing Chamomile herbal tea.



  1. Put the phone away! Let’s set the scene most of us know too well: you go to bed at 10.30pm, excited to have an early night for once. Set your alarm for the next morning feeling proud at the amount of hours sleep you’re about to get. Wait, just one quick check on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, emails, *repeat*; three hours later you’re STILL SCROLLING. Put. The. Phone. Away.

  1. Set your alarm in the evening – While we’re on the topic of phones, one good tip we got during our office chat was to set your alarm earlier in the evening. Hear us out. By setting your alarm about 4 hours before bed it makes you more aware of the time needed to sleep, making you less likely to stay up late. It also prevents the anxiety of setting your alarm right before going to sleep and realising you’ve stayed up WAY too late.



  1. Insert your Discreet Snoring Aid! Whether you snore, or your partner does, there is nothing worse than lying awake while someone snores the house down. Snoring affects BOTH people- the bed partner from deafening noise, and the snorer from being woken every hour with a swift nudge to the back. Our Discreet Snoring Aid increases air flow by 38% through the nose, which significantly reduces snoring. We even use it if we’re a little congested to help us breathe more comfortably at night. Pick one up here.


  1. Exercise – (this is a serious case of us not practicing what we preach). We know how effective doing some form of exercise is to releasing endorphins, unwinding after a long day, and helping reduce anxiety – even a 20 minute walk in the evening will make a difference! We are guilty of not taking our own advice on this one – we are trying to improve however!


Do you have any tips you swear by? We’d love to hear them – let us know in the comments!


Team Nasal Medical

Our AIB Start-up Academy Journey 2016

Our AIB Start-up Academy Journey 2016

Hello everyone, this is a post we’ve been meaning to write for a while now – better late than never as they say. Firstly, let’s explain exactly what the AIB Start-up Academy is. The AIB Start-up Academy is a joint venture between The Irish Times and AIB to help start-ups by providing information and networking opportunities. It includes an intensive 8-week course given by industry experts and mentors to help mould and elevate business ideas and start-up companies. In late 2015 the AIB Start-up Academy applications opened, and, thinking we would never get in the finals, we applied and our journey began.


In January of 2016 we received a call that would change the future of our company forever -we made it in to the final 22 start-ups out of over 400 applicants. We were very excited, but we knew we had a lot of work to do before we faced the judges in February. The pitching session – which consisted of a five-minute elevator pitch and a grilling from the judges – took place at the Irish Times’ offices in Dublin. We were all very nervous, but we did have a friendly face on hand to settle us a little – 2015 Start-up Academy winner Fabien Peyaud – who came along on the day to offer some support and words of wisdom.

After a day of laughter, nerves, and some brilliant business ideas, the 11-company shortlist for the 2016 Start-up Academy was announced, and we were very proudly ranked among the 10 other amazing companies named on the day.

In early March we all met at Irish Times’ offices for our first Academy module. Over the next eight weeks we were faced with a series of challenges as the expert mentors helped us shape our business ideas and give us the skills to realise our full potential. Johnny Ryan helped us change the way we think when designing our products, making sure that the customer is central to all thinking, and that their needs are met first and foremost. From E-Commerce with Vinny O’Brien to Networking with Lisa Hughes and Social Media with Felicity McCarthy, the 8-week course was invaluable to our business going forward.

In April the near-unthinkable happened and we were named as the overall winners! Having spent so much time with the other finalists, and forge real friendships, we were honoured to be chosen among such a stellar line up.

Our prize was a life changing fund of €250,000 worth of mentorship, advertising, marketing, coaching, and a cash injection to help bring our products to market. Since winning the competition over 18 months ago we have gone from strength, and honestly would not be where we are without this academy, AIB, Irish Times, our amazing team of mentors, and finalists.  The 10 finalists are listed below, including the two runners up, Blackwater Distillery & Popertee. Thank you so much to everyone involved, AIB, Irish Times, our coaches, and to all the start ups we had the pleasure of meeting and learning from.



Why do we snore?

Why do we snore?

Snoring is something that affects approximately 40% of men over the age of 30, meaning it is also affecting partners of those who snore! Our Discreet Snoring Aid is our best-selling product, and we have heard countless stories from our customers in the past few months, all asking the same question time and time again- why do we/they snore? Before we look to helping treat snoring, this is a question that needs to be answered. Read onto find out….

When we’re asleep the muscles in our neck relaxes. Sometimes they relax so much that airway of our nose & throat partially closes and becomes too narrow for enough air to travel through our lungs. This narrowing of the airway causes the throat to vibrate, resulting in the sound of snoring, (it is at this stage that your partner is awake and using all of their willpower to not cover your face with a pillow).
It doesn’t end there though. If you snore, do you ever get a great night’s sleep? What if we told you the two are connected? Snoring isn’t just something disturbing your partner’s sleep; it’s also disturbing your sleep. By snoring, your body is not getting the right amount of oxygen needed to perform important functions. It’s also likely that you’re waking up throughout the night without even releasing, resulting in you waking the following morning feeling less than refreshed, and with little energy.
So, how can this be helped? Well, we go back to the original problem of the airways narrowing, and by using something to open up the airways, it can help prevent snoring. Our Discreet Snoring Aid is an easy-to-use. drug-free and comfortable nasal device which gently opens the nose to help increase airflow. We have done numerous tests and clinical trials over the past year all backing up its effectiveness in 9 out of 10 people.
If you would like anymore info,we have a section with FAQs HERE. Something you’re looking for not being answered there? Send us an email to


We would love to hear any feedback you have on the Discreet Snoring Aid- get in touch below!

Until next time,


Team Nasal Medical


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